Actuators and Dampers

  • Landing gear actuator for aircraft A-400M




Semiactive Damper Actuator 8x8 truck


  • Integral manufacturing and assembly of hydraulic steering system for General Dynamics SBS Pizarro
  • Telescopic Actuator SMOS Mobile Station

    Motorized joint ( aluminium welded and machined)

    Tail Boom

    Motorized joint ( aluminium welded and machined)

    Exoskeleton wrist joint



SMOS Telescopic Mast

  • 8 meter high 3 stage Telescopic Mast made of Al-6082 T6 with Precission Guides to lift and guide two types of 300Kg microwave antenna mounted on a truck as a mobile unit.

    3 stage Telescopic Mast transversal Section

    Precission Guides detail of the Telescopic Mast




Assembly of SMOS mast

Mechatronic Assemblies

  • BMR 6x6 suspension system
  • Semiactive actuator for 8x8 truck suspension
  • Multi-articulated robotic arms

  • Antena satélite

  • Aquiles EOD Robots
  • Aquiles Robotic mobile platforms : Complete assembly and comisioning






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